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DDW 2022 Abstract Presentation

DDW 2022 Abstract Presentation Understanding and Addressing Constipation Dilemmas With "An Animated Patient's Guide" for Optimal Health Outcomes
Presentation Number: Tu1342
DDW ePoster Library. Munigala S. 05/24/22; 355506; Tu1342

Authors: Satish Munigala MD, MPH, Jeanetta W. Frye MD, Ceciel T. Rooker, Emily Taylor, Stephanie Searle, and Satish S. C. Rao MD, PhD, FRCP

This educational activity has been developed by the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders and Mechanisms in Medicine Inc.

This activity is supported by independent educational grants from AbbVie, Allergan, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals and Takeda.

This website is part of the Animated Patient™ series developed by Mechanisms in Medicine Inc., to provide highly visual formats of learning for patients to improve their understanding, make informed decisions, and partner with their healthcare professionals for optimal outcomes.